Digital & Data Analytics

Digital & Data Analytics
Driving excellence in improving health access and outcomes

Our innovative digital solutions has been connecting healthcare ecosystem of Indonesia, equips and empowers Clients, Customers, and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to help improving health outcomes for Patients.

Our data analytics tools help the users to turn data into insights and action plans to understand the market better, generate a targeted business judgement and decisions. Promoting businesses operate in more effective and efficient way to make healthcare more accessible.

A wide range of integrated and customizable digital and data analytics solutions to enhance process efficiency and harvest real-time data insights.

eZRx is a B2B eCommerce digital product that offers a smarter, seamless and more convenient processes for our customers. APL eZRx can be accessed via website, Android and IOS in order to provide the ease of interaction between APL and its customers.With eZRx, customers will be able to order, check stock, see order status, pay invoice, get points and others unique features. eZRx enables continuous engagement between APL and its customers.
Data Analytic
ZP Data Analytics uses the most advanced data processing and visualisation tools to deliver faster, smarter and better insights. The solution itself spans 3 keys area :
  1. Commercial Analytic : Make more informed targeting decisions and impactful engagement strategies, tailored based on customer commercial potential and purchasing behaviours
  2. Supply Chain Analytic : Use proprietary data science methodologies to help teams automate their demand planning and forecasting activities with consistently accurate predictions on tomorrow’s demand
  3. Business Intelligence : Improve the use of data and insights by deploying custom data management and dashboarding solutions that help make data preparation and insight generation more efficient
Sales Force Automation
Our integrated mobile solution allows for better tracking and oversight of sales force related activities. The digital tools optimize the sales process, maximize administrative effectiveness and minimize time spent on order and reporting processes.

Our Digital Partner

Sophisticated transport management system that helps build, manage and operate complex logistics networks. It provides enhanced visibility across all logistics operations,controls the entire shipping process at APL, and offers an intelligent tracking with insights.
DOCQUITY is Southeast Asia’s #1 digital platform for continuous medical education and networking for Doctors. There are more than 80,000+ Doctors across Indonesia who are connected through this platform.

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