July 9, 2019

APL Held Healthcare 4.0 Conference


Jakarta, July 9th, 2019 - PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL) held a conference with the theme ‘How Technology Transforms Access to Healthcare’ at Raffles Hotel, Jakarta. The conference aimed to showcase how APL is transforming the world of digitalisation and how it contributes to APL’s commitment in making healthcare more accessible. The event attended by executives members of Zuellig Pharma and APL, who then shared their insights, such as John Davison, CEO Zuellig Pharma, Maarten Kelder, Senior VP Strategy & Corporate Development, Tristan Tan, VP Data & Analytics, Moses Hee, SVP CareConnect, Biantoro Wanandi, President Commissioner APL, Christophe Piganiol, Presiden Direktur APL, and the Executive Committee members of APL.

“Technology is moving fast. Nowadays we use digital platforms almost every minute of our lives. Big data, internet of things, social media, they all become part of our lives. Healthcare industry also moves along with this rapid growth of technology. APL decided to show you Healthcare4.0, how technology will improve our services as a part of our commitment of making healthcare more accessible,” said Christophe. The Executives members of APL and Zuellig Pharma supported the initiative by sharing their insights as experts on the subject matter on the provided panel, followed by Q&A session with the audience.

Digitalization that has become an integral part in APL’s innovation is our strategy to face the new challenges in industry 4.0. With the number of tech-savvy citizens growing daily, shifting the industry into what known as industry 4.0, where digitalization played a significant role, the demand for digital health services is continuously increasing. APL contributed in accelerating the shifting into industry 4.0 in Indonesia, specifically in health industry.

Some of the innovations from APL and Zuellig Pharma that were introduced in the conference are eZRx, an online platform that helps customers to buy pharmaceutical products more efficiently, Docquity, an online platform for doctors and medical experts to discuss and share insights, and Klinify, a digital medical assistant to simplify the process of finding medical informations.

APL will keep ensuring smooth and excellent operations in our core services, while experimenting with new ways to create new innovations in line with the advancement of technology. In the near future, APL hopes to simplify the process and connect the actors in health industry to open more access to healthcare supplies for every Indonesia citizen through the digitalization innovations.

Figure 1 Some of the innovations exhibited at the conference are being presented to the guests

Figure 2 President Director Christophe Piganiol entering the stage to give opening speech